Friday, January 6, 2012

I thought this was an interesting position on spectrum and the basic value of Spectrum Bridge's Authorized Shared Access Technology. Yochai Benkler finds that the success of open wireless spectrum allocations foster innovation, influenced by the same principle as the internet: freedom to operate around a set of minimal standards. These solutions exploit the "lumpiness" of time and location characteristics of the applications they serve to deploy wireless infrastructure efficiently through the use of shared spectrum. It's interesting to learn that markets are adopting unlicensed wireless strategies over licensed strategies in mission-critical applications like wireless healthcare and smart grid communications.

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Get Ready for the Next Evolution beyond WiFi…

Get Ready for the Next Evolution beyond WiFi…

With the most recent regulatory and industry developments in TV White Space, it is the dawn of a new generation of innovative wireless products and services. Spectrum Bridge has received approval from the FCC to operate the TV white space platform which will begin providing service to devices beginning in Wilmington, NC on January 26, 2012.

With the likes of Google and Microsoft advocating the use of white space, the marketplace will soon be filled with millions of devices looking to capitalize on the wireless enhancements this technology enables.

In a recent article with Business Insider, Microsoft’s Dan Reed, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Technology Policy Group said, "If you look at the economic returns that have been accrued by WiFi, it's a multi-billion economic impact. We absolutely believe this has the same potential, given the explosive demand for wireless communications -- perhaps even larger,"

We couldn’t agree more.

Spectrum Bridge is excited about the next evolution beyond WiFi and the major impact it will have on the wireless industry from a global perspective. For more information on TV white spaces, click here.

-Long Hoang, Product Marketing